Monthly Archives: January 2018 5 Tips To Finding A Literary Agent

The old saying goes in this business that it’s tougher to get a good literary agent than to make a sale to a publisher. And in reality, that’s pretty much the case. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? These folks aren’t in the business for grins. Agents are the front line in vetting a manuscript.

Writing about Literature with a New Tool

Rhetoric is taught with academic pride and flourish at major universities around the world, and it’s closely associated with the prestigious, ancient name of Aristotle, one of the greatest thinkers that Western Civilization has ever produced. Yet — though most people don’t know it, including many teachers of writing — Rhetoric has historically been surrounded

Asea, Fact Or Fiction?

A bottle of salt water? Is this all that Asea amounts too? Well let’s take a closer look at this company and what it’s all about. Theres are quite a few video testimonials from various athletes who claim their performance in their sport has been significantly improved by the intake of Asea, the company themselves

A Pembrokeshire Adventure

How would you like to spend the holidays in Pembrokeshire on an adventure trip? The UK will allow you to do just that. This maritime country in is a great destination for adventure enthusiasts and tourists alike. A country that is bordered by the sea on three sides, there is a myriad of holiday activities

Early Science Fiction On The Airwaves

Science Fiction in Radio Some would argue that Science Fiction is as old as civilization itself as humans gazed up to the stars and wondered, “what if…” Juvenile Serials of the 1930s The first science fiction old time radio shows were primary adventure serial shows intended for juveniles co-opted with a scientific theme, most notably

Historical Values of Burgos

The Burgos province is a popular tourist stop because it houses the famous path of Saint James. There are monuments of various shapes and designs; even if they are wall ruins, these structures hold a deep historical heritage for this province. Scenic beauty The beautifully carved Villafranca mountain landscape leads the way to San Juan