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Ingested Battery Adventure

My husband and I have over-baby proofed our house (if such a thing is possible), and consider ourselves safe parents. Furniture bolted to the wall and sharp corners covered; you know, that type of thing. My youngest daughter, Allison, is an adventurer and stinker of high caliber. I once went upstairs for, I kid you

How Early Vampire Literature Shaped Today’s Vampires

The nineteenth century was the century of the vampire. No longer were vampires ghoulish, creepy, dirty creatures to be feared and loathed. Vampires took on a new persona, one of sexuality, charm, and power. Here’s a brief look at 3 works of vampire fiction that fueled today’s vampire mania. The Vampyre by John Polidori Written

Great Horror Books

Books in the horror genre are well known for being spine chilling and scary. Many readers don’t know too many of the classic and recent terrific books of the terrifying horror genre. Some of the readers may only be familiar with Stephen King, and while his books are good there are tons of other awesome

Historical information about Scala town

  When You book a nice apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano – Amalfi Coast, with us You’ll realize  how beautiful and magic this town is. It was founded by the Romans in the fourth century shipwrecked on their way to Constantinople. He participated in the affairs of the republic reached the coast and big

Fact Or Fiction-the Truth About The Healthcare Plan

Getting to the truth can be harder than you might realize. That is definitely the case when it comes to America’s health care plan. It seems like there is a different story depending on which side of the fence that you are on. If you are a democrat then you are likely feeling positive about

Restoring a Classic Car

Classic cars have a strong hold on the car loving community, from a historical point of view. They do say after all that you do not know where you are going until you understand where you have been. In short, this means that you have to take a look at the classics of the