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Online Urdu Novels by Farhat Ishtiaq

Writing Urdu popular fiction is not an easy thing to do. Of course, the writing of popular fiction sometimes becomes harder than the writing of the literature. This is because the writer of the popular fiction has to touch the hearts of the masses rather than some of the literary minds out of thousands. This

A Historical Background of Bach Flower Therapy

The idea of Bach flower therapy is an idea that was generated by a doctor named Dr. Edward Bach. He was a renowned physician and a Harley street doctor. He was also a renowned homeopath, bacteriologist and a keen researcher. He was a staunch believer in the notion that the attitude of the mind was

Ways of fighting the plagiarism in the Urdu literature

The Urdu language started from poetry. In the beginning there were no novels in the Urdu language however soon the trend of novels and short story writing picked up in Urdu language. So in fact, the Urdu literature started off at a very good base. Both the poetry and the prose were well received by

Mobile Comic Books

—-> myPadMedia – Unlimited eBook Downloads for the iPad The knowledge-in quest of public is not just a follower of flicks and TV collection or a large fanatic of cellphone texting, MMS sending and calling. All of whom who seek for fascinating tales and ideas also are keen on mobile comedian books particularly that the

For Adventure Lovers: Visit Australia

Australia is one of the most visited countries all over the world, thanks to its unscathed wilderness areas, ranging from think tropical forest to large desert landscape, as well as reff swarming with fishes. Australia has various eco-systems which can support exclusive wildlife, and offers wealthy aboriginal traditions. You can stay away from the fast

Essay Questions For George Orwell Essay

Well-known fiction writer George Orwell originally named as Eric Arthur Blair won many awards for some of his remarkable compositions out of which Nineteen Eighty Four. This novel earned him Prometheus award for his outstanding literary genius. Nineteen Eight Four was based on a totalitarian regime to make people realize of the disastrous results this