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The Truth About Relationship Help Books

People read self-help books because they need to get useful and direct information on an issue they’re facing at this point. In particular, relationship help books that promise to cure your dating woes are always hot. However, before you decide to invest your hard earned cash on relationship self-help, there are several things you need

Chanel Classic Bags

There are no denying that there are so many classic chanel handbags available for the fashion conscious people to choose from. Since for most of us know that almost everything we buy is made in factories, not by a talented artisan that cares about his work, and that makes luxury goods a bit less fun.

Are Sauna Sweat Suits Bad For Your Health? Separating the Fact From Fiction

For years, people have been repeatedly talking about how sweating in sauna sweat suits can lead to various health troubles. There have been various issues reported regarding troubles like dehydration, heart attack, increased chances of fainting and even lead to death if the case turns worst. But before actually making any perceptions regarding the same,

The Historical Phenomenon of the Development of Urdu

The Indian subcontinent has a rich culture and its history dates back to many centuries. This subcontinent has been rich in not only the culture, traditions and mannerisms but also in the languages. It is a subcontinent where every region has a different language and people take pride in speaking their mother tongue. In such

Skin Talks Back – A Fictional Short Story

Picture it… early morning a couple begins to stir in the bed.  However, their skin wakes before them.  The skin talks, not to their owner, but to one another.  I kid you not.  They speak the truth, not what their owners would say to one another, but the cold hard facts, and they are not

Indicating Plagiarism in the Urdu Literature and Ways to Eliminate It

The Urdu is suffering from a very bad fate due to the plagiarism these days. Undoubtedly, the Urdu language, both prose and poetry has seen some great writers, authors, columnists, and poets. However, it is a great discouragement and disappointment for them to see their excellent pieces of literature or the poetry being plagiarized. Following