Book Review: Stolen Kid By Michael Mehas

Book Review: Stolen Child By Michael Mehas

Stolen Child is billed as a work of fiction, however it actually checks out an actual occasion, and that event is still unraveling in the Southern The golden state court system. Jessie James Hollywood encounters the potential of the trip to deadly injection for his actions. So actual is Michael Mehas’ book that he actually was summoned two times as a witness in the test, as well as required to hand over his notes and also tapes of meetings he had performed.

With a background of Los Angeles, Stolen young boy has to do with medicines, liquor, quick cars, and young individuals. With that mix you will immediately think gangs. But gangs are not involved, the individuals are mostly from routine center course, though, highly inefficient households.

Mickey Youngblood as well as Rick LeBlanc are young people that have actually set out on cash making careers in the medicine business, both have actually sculpted out lucrative presences, but a deal in between them that went incorrect has soured their relationship. A lot so, that a 00 exceptional financial debt, creates a verbal battle, that subsequently comes to be a physical battle of property damages, as well as threats towards households.

Mickey is to say the least a hot head, as well as when the home windows of his residence are shattered out in a late evening raid, all rules of right and also incorrect leave via the vacant frames. Vengeance is a solid emotion and Mickey is heck bent on pleasing his appetite for it.

His first idea is to find Rick LeBlanc and have it out with him. 00 nevertheless is peanuts in the drug world. In a large coincidence it is not Rick they see walking down the road, however his 15 year old more youthful brother Bobby. Once more though, Mickey lets his rage regulation his brain, as well as convinces the youngsters with him to first of all beat the kid up “as a warning,” nevertheless reservations go into the unwell as well as twisted mind, and instead they abduct Bobby.

It is not the traditional kidnap story, as a matter of fact it is anything however classic. Bobby for the many component is complimentary to leave at any kind of time, yet he chooses to ‘celebration’ with his captors, drugs and liquor abound! Even stranger there is no effort made to hide the reality that Bobby is a hostage. In what has actually to have been the most awful kept key in the sieve that is the LA underbelly, the entire plan starts to unravel as more as well as even more individuals end up being included.

Once more the demon Mickey makes poor choices, confronted with the possibility of exposure by Bobby he have to now make a very hard choice. Does he believe Bobby when he says that there is no injury done, as well as that he will not talk with anybody regarding the kidnapping? Or is a different training course of action required?

This is a very effective publication, and also one that should have a place on the desirable rack space of your regional bookstore. It has likewise set you back author Michael Mehas a large amount to create this publication, being so close to the valid case he finds himself in a ‘no win’ circumstance. The actual Mickey faces the possibility of the death charge. What Michael knows could spare him, or could secure his destiny. In several methods, Michael has ended up being Mickey, he holds the vital to life-and-death. This is not a scenario I would certainly wish to remain in.

This is not your common novel, also though the primary characters are plain teenagers, they cover the entire gamut of today’s culture, the good, the poor, and the very, extremely hideous!

Stolen Boy is offered with Amazon, and Michael Mehas likewise has a really informative website where you can discover more concerning this story that merges truth with fiction.