Fiction books ? The perfect blend of action and science logics

You can find many books on various subjects in the market. Fiction books also comes in to provide good entertainment experience to the reader, and these books create a suspense and interest in the reader’s mind. The fiction books are the best for for each age group. There are many fiction books as “Invisible Man”, “Time Machine” and many others which are getting more popularity among the readers. The stories published in these fiction books are unpredictable for the readers. These books are full of suspense, thrill and fantasy.

The fiction stories are sometimes based on the real life experience of somebody. Many fiction books delivers social messages to the people. There are many sub categories in the fiction books like romantic fiction, action fiction, science fictions, relationship fiction books and many others. Romantic fiction books has tragic end of the story and a bit of actions. These books have many turn in their stories and the reader do not know that actually what is going to happen next. The reader get lost in other world with these fiction stories.

The popular fiction writer Chris Bohjalian’s story “The Double Bind” is based on the past life of the writer. The images linked with the book are the past images of the writer’s life. The story takes you through a haunting journey of a woman. All the characters has their own, the main characters in the story are Laurel and Talia. When you complete the book you have a strong feeling to re read the book again. There is one more book that yo should read, is “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”written by Mark Haddon. The story begins with the main character Christopher finding a dead dog on his neighbor’s lawn and the mystery in the story is that who killed the dogs.

So, you can read many other fiction books. These cheap fiction books are available on many online shopping portals. You can buy these cheap fiction books at very affordable and discounted price.