Historical information about Scala town


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It was founded by the Romans in the fourth century shipwrecked on their way to Constantinople. He participated in the affairs of the republic reached the coast and big business and economic prosperity monumental splendor, which resulted with a large number of churches and palaces. But the rivalry with Ravello and looting made by Pisa in the twelfth century, they soon decay.Suffered the consequences of the invasion of Robert Guiscard (1073) and Pisani (1135 and 1137).Towards the end of the thirteenth century. Scala was formed in the “seat of the noble, “in which noble families were recorded: On Suffering, Rufo, Muscettola, against, Coppola, Saxo, etc.., a tangible sign of the importance of the aristocracy Scala in the context of the Duchy of Amalfi.

The family belonged to the noble Saxo Fra ‘Gerard, in the eleventh century, founded the Order of the Hospitallers of Jerusalem, later became the Order of the Knights of Malta. Scala hosted S. Alfonso Maria de ‘Liguori in 1730. Thanks to its support, in Scala, in 1731, Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa Venerable today, founded the Order of Redemptoristines. The following year, S. Alfonso founded the Congregation of SS. Redeemer.Chestnut Festival where gastronomy and folklore form an inseparable combination (October)Festivities of the Patron Saint Lawrence (August 10)Scala meets New York, with a busy schedule of guests and events (September) on the anniversary of the fall of the Twin Towers in New York.Descent of the star (Jan. 6)Lorenzo cathedral dedicated to the patron saint, a large building with three naves with tiled floor and Romanesque portal. In the crypt are preserved carvings of the thirteenth century. Gothic and stucco tombChurch of the twelfth century  Church of San Pietro Church of San Giovanni Battista Torre dello ZiroCave dell’Ovo Nature Reserve “Valle delle Ferriere”, an example of exceptional beauty, with the charm of unspoiled nature, with rare botanical species, such as Woodwardia radicans.

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