Historical information about Tramonti


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Originally known as “wandering Sunsets” by its inhabitants, settlers, named after the configuration of the place where it is located, surrounded, as nestled by mountains, “intra montes” land between the mountains. The Roman presence was witnessed by several findings: leftover coins and tombs of Upper and Lower Empire, urns.It had its heyday at the time of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi with an important part of being involved, together with the coastal population, defending the city against the Lombard Arechi II, as well as in various events against the ambitious Sicardo until Amalfi , freed from the dominion of the Duke of Naples, on 10 December of 839, with the proclamation of the Republic, began that glorious ascent that led her to be a great naval power for more than three centuries.

Sunsets, like the other towns of the coast, as well as having contributed to the grandeur of the Amalfi Republic, also use of its trade, its trade and its wealth for its own development. Among the noble families remember in particular Geta, De Maio, Fontanella, Jordan, Marciano, Palumbo, Conte, Cesar, Romano, Pisacane, Citarella, Fierro, De Rosa, Vitagliano, Pisano. Sunset has had many illustrious men who have excelled in various fields, such as bishops, journalists, lawyers, judges, notaries, admirals, artists, counselors of kings and princes.

The Normans, along with Salerno, under the command of Roger the “Norman “, waged against the Republic of Amalfi Tramonti contrasted strongly opposing forces with the garrison of the fort or Castle of Montalto. Under the dominion of the Normans, began a dark period of Amalfi and also the size and importance of Sunsets went falling.Lemon festival (August).Feast of St. Anthony of Padua (June 13).Feast of St. Michael the Archangel (September).Festival of the Madonna della Neve (July) Via Crucis. Nativity.Pizza Festival (August).Day our farm (August).Wine Festival (August).Filodrammatica Tramonti (25 to 26 December and 6 January).Women’s Day (March 8).Conference interregional migration (October).

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