Jill 9 – Book Review

Jill 9 – Book Evaluation

Jill 9 has a tale line based around a mentally disrupted female serial awesome
The only lead the investigatives have is the one point all the victims share – every one of the victims share the name, or sudunoume, of “Jill Pedestrian”.

Youthful brand-new weather-woman, Jill Wallokowski beams on video camera spectacular the television terminal staff and her audience. Regrettably, she is stalked, struck and targeted for fatality by some twisted participants of her audience.

FBI representative Ian … is obsessed with the “Jill” serial awesome as well as nurtures a deep regret as well as anger over the murders he could not prevent in the past– especially the last one. Now, the “Jill Killer” has actually targeted the new weather-woman and also Ian is driven in more methods than one to safeguard her. Their destination for every other might simply drive them both mad, however Ian knows he can not become as well close because he will not be able to totally safeguard her.

This fiction novel could be identified as an action-suspense thriller. Including a stalker, sexual deviant as well as serial killer, a significant team of FBI representatives led by Ian Hamlin and also the incomporable Jill Wallokowski.

Be prepared; this 300-page book contains some swearing as well as erotic scenes between the steamy set. In closing, I wish to state that I was relocated by the author’s heart-felt dedication for Jill 9 to the guys and also women in the regulation enforcement fields who make every effort to keep every one people safe.

ISBN #: 0-9767732-9-5
Author: J.D. Tynan
Publisher: Better Be Compose Publishing
Released: 2006