Looking Glass by James R Strickland. A Publication testimonial

Looking Glass by James R Strickland. A Publication evaluation


Looking Glass is set in the not too long run, in a gritty, raw, shattered North America. Hackers and IT safety and security specialists fight a different sort of war in cyberspace. A serial awesome has discovered a way to utilize the network to reach inside his sufferers brains, and use these brains as his tool. Shroud is a security network group leader for a huge retail business. In the realm of cyberspace, inside a sensory deprival tank and also jacked in to the network, she is quick, active, and fierce. She is simply starting her change when the killer strikes for the very first time. She makes it through, but her whole team is dead or absent. She is ousted from her business sources, and her look for the awesome is laden with risk as well as frustrating chances.


As a follower and also visitor of the cyberpunk genre, I highly suggest Looking Glass. I will not go right into a story run-through, as others currently have. The writing design is limited, and also concentrated with the window of Shroud’s perception and also life experiences, and her shift right into an increasingly uneasy and also dangerous circumstance, both emotionally as well as literally. It is this discovery of her inner life, with its protective restrictions and powerful inspirations that keeps the emphasis on the human, in spite of the seeming technological emphasis of the story.

The dystopic setup of the splintered 2nd world The United States and Canada is revealed as is required by the narrative. The innovation is speculative, however far more comfortably based in existing innovations that provide a feeling of capability to the characters activities, and fulfillment to the viewers acquainted with the topics.

In the long run, to me, Science Fiction is a human story. It asks what will certainly we do, what will we end up being, when innovation has actually changed our society, our horizons, our bodies and also challanged the limitations of what is feasible. Looking Glass does this, with an excellent touch for personal stress, evolving personality awareness, and also human weakness.

The story is well thought-out, as well as the pacing is quick without being unbalanced. There’s little, if any, story telegraphing or foreshadowing. The setting is future, yet the referral points are tantalizingly near to our present – once more, sufficient to keep me spent (Pity concerning Reno, though). And also while “cyberpunk” uses generally category terms, the author isn’t trying to be William Gibson or anybody else, which is a rejuvenating change! But if you like that style, after that you’ll most definitely wish to give this publication a shot. Eventually, one of those hackers becomes a serial killer, and also uses the reality that people are jacked in to the Net to use the Net as a means to eliminate. Her corporation, Omni-Mart, in conventional shortsighted business whitewash design, obtains in the way of her investigation, while the killer seeks her every move in a world that is so completely attached to the Web that motion without observation is nearly impossible.

Dr. Farro, or “Shadow” as she is recognized, is just one of the most dynamic characters in fiction. She wrestles with internal devils along with the muck that is the Internet of tomorrow. She doesn’t necessarily handle these devils extremely well. In a job that requires a specific level of paranoid schizophrenia to carry out well, she is efficient her job.

Nonetheless, when the reader gets in her head, we wee that this excellent employee of the future is far from a perfect person, an allegory, I assume, for the futureshock as well as information overload that we experience every day. Strickland shows us that all the excellent modern technology that makes our people work so well might not benefit our psychological wellness. It’s a powerful message, yet there is no moralizing that hinders of a really amazing thriller.

Overall, it was a fantastic read, as well as I’ll be back for the following instalment.