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Adjusting Guitar Action

Setting up a guitar is one of the most important things that you can do. This will make your instrument play and sound better. Setting up a guitar, or any fretted stringed instrument, requires many interrelated adjustments. Acoustic and electric guitars have to be set up in the same way, but using slightly different methods.

Action is Key

Are you unhappy with your current physical state? Do you want to lose weight, burn excess body fat, and feel better than ever? If so, the most important thing you can do is to take action! What action? Any action that will bring you closer to your goal is a good place to start. When

Calls to Action

The “Calls to action”, or CTAs, does exactly what it says on the tin. It invite, or even demand that the reader makes some sort of decision that contributes to the overall objective of the email.   Calls to action are always the line or phrase which turn (convert) prospects into customers. If your email

Action Sports

Action Sports are very popular these days and there are many types. They include sports such as Motocross racing, Surfing, Waterskiing, Parasailing, Rock Climbing and the list goes on. Here is a brief history of the beginnings of a few of the more popular Action Sports. History of Skateboarding. Skateboarding began in

Take Action

Something to Think About: I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. ~ Mark Twain Get Active Get active! Join a gym, take pilates, soggy jogging class, a dance class, or join a walking club. Find someone to be your exercise buddy, get into a routine. Do this everyday at least 15 to

“Action Fiction” is a Drag on Your Productivity – Are You Making Your Own Office Drama?

When you ask people, “How are you?” and they respond with an exasperated “Busy!” do you ever get tired of hearing that? Do you know people who brag about how busy they are, like it’s a badge of honor? This reminds me of a cartoon I have that shows two office workers with coffee cups