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Adventure Tours In Egypt

Fishing in Lake Nasser, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh: One of the most famous places for fishing all over the world is Lake Nasser. It is approximately 310 miles in length (1550 square miles) and can reach a depth of 600 feet. Lake Nasser has arguably the best freshwater fishing in the world for both

Zambia Safari – Adventure Holidaying

Planning a holiday abroad? How about a Zambia Safari! Zambia is located in the sub-tropical part of Africa. Zambia, earlier known as the ‘the real Africa’ has been acknowledged as one of the most visited areas and the safest tourist attraction in Africa. Zambia is the home of Safaris. Zambia Safari covers around 19 national

Pamplona ? a Complete Adventure

Although bullfights may be the main and popular event in Pamplona, there are many more beautiful sights and places worth visiting. There are plenty of valleys and peaks intertwined with the ancient structures dating back to the early centuries. Eastern Pamplona Try the breath-taking Roncal Valley, which is surrounded by a few looming mountains, with

Adventure sports in Uttaranchal!

In the last few years Uttaranchal has become synonymous with adventure and winter sports. The Kumoan and the Garhwal have numerous rivers with snow clad mountains which have been developed as destinations for white water rafting, boating, water skiing, angling, skiing, para gliding, hang gliding etc and more tourists are heading this way every winter

My Bo Phut Beach Adventure

One day on Bo Phut beach in front of our bungalow on Koh Samui (pre-Club Med 1986) there was a small rowboat, big enough for four people, dragged ashore. I asked Lek about it, and he said that his friend from the fishing village had loaned it to him for a while for fishing. I

Adventure Tourist Destinations of India

The topographical expansion of north India gifted it with diverse landscapes of mountains valley, desert, grueling rivers, wildlife reserves and plains. This region of India is not only famous for its culture and heritage but also for its thrilling adventure activities which heightens the joy of tourists during their India travel. Because of diverse topography