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The Hormonal Agent Substitute Therapy Dispute

The Hormone Substitute Treatment Argument In current times, there has been a warmed argument within the clinical area pertaining to hormonal agent substitute therapy for women dealing with the effects of menopause. The dispute is focused around a variety of researches that have concluded that hormone substitute treatment might not be near as reliable as

Obtaining a Book Published: Do You Need an Agent?

Getting a Book Published: Do You Need an Agent? Are you a writer who wish to get a publication published? If you are, you may have listened to that you must employ the services of an expert literary agent. Yes, there are a variety of advantages to using an expert representative, yet is one actually

Maloneeditorial.com: 5 Tips To Finding A Literary Agent

The old saying goes in this business that it’s tougher to get a good literary agent than to make a sale to a publisher. And in reality, that’s pretty much the case. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? These folks aren’t in the business for grins. Agents are the front line in vetting a manuscript.

How to Get a Literary Agent For Your Novel – 3 Surefire Steps to Publishing Success

Let’s face it, every writer serious about publishing needs to find out how to get a literary agent. These book professionals, considered the “gatekeepers” of the publishing industry, can be critical to your success as a novelist. But how do you get one? In this article, we’ll cover three steps you can follow to get

Finding a Literary Agent For Your Novel – The Importance of Understanding Genre

Genres can be More than a Little Confusing There is perhaps nothing more perplexing in all of writing than trying to understand genre. While preparing this paper, I ran across the following sub-genres for Romance: Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy, Time-Travel, Futuristic, Licensed Theme, Medical, Regency, Medieval, Highland, War, Gothic, Western, and Mail-Order Bride. And these are by no means

7 Questions to Ask to Help You Find the Perfect Literary Agent

You have written a book and want to have it published by a “traditional publisher,” rather than a print on demand (POD) company or doing it yourself. The first thing you may hear from fellow authors is this: “Publishers don’t accept books or even book proposals directly from authors anymore. You need a literary agent.”