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Why Compose A Non-Fiction Publication

Why Write A Non-Fiction Publication Both central pillars in effective individual marketing are the facility of integrity and also the pursuit for exposure. You could have a huge business or you could be an independent expert. You could be selling an item or a service. No matter why you’re marketing on your own, composing a

Britain’s Top Selling Non-Fiction Author and Hypnotist “Can Make You Thin”

Have you ever stopped to wonder why no matter how sensible the diet, no matter how successful it is or no matter how you try to tell yourself that overweight people who vow they are going to eat different forever it always fails? If you have, you are most likely one of many chronic dieters

Non-Fiction is a Thrill Ride When James Patterson Writes About King Tut

Did you know that James Patterson also writes non-fiction? For many people who never knew that fact, this was an awakening! THE MURDER OF KING TUT is touted as a “non-fiction thriller” and it is every bit of that. With the hugely successful and amazing non-fiction book, AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE: ONE FAMILY’S STRUGGLE WITH AN

Should I Self-Publish My Non-Fiction Book? Or is a Mainstream Publisher Better?

Writers often ask: “Should I self-publish my non-fiction book or is a mainstream publisher better?” It often helps to write a marketing plan for your book before you make a final decision. This isn’t as complex as it sounds. Basically, you are establishing who your target readers are, why they would want to buy your

How To Write A Non-fiction Book And Put Your Expert Knowledge To Work For You

Do you have what it takes to write your book this year? I cast my vote that you can with a big checkmark and YES! You see, I believe you already have what it takes to write your book. And like other professionals you can create or increase your passive income stream each month. Your

How To Put The Power Of Stories Into Your Non-fiction Book

Does your book manuscript have BORING stamped on it? If so, I have good news for you! You don’t have to settle for a boring book. I can assure you if it’s boring to you, it will most likely be boring to your reader. My tip for today ‘Put the Power of Stories Into Your