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The True Golden Age Of Pulp Fiction Mystery

From America, in the pages of the Pulp Magazine Black Mask, came the shattering of the refined and ornate mystery. These thrilling pulps, full of sensational violence and raging plot, told of a witty world of sultry gals and private eyes who would rather crack knuckles on enemy skulls than talk the polite symmetry of

The Golden Age Of Pulp Fiction Magazines

Frank was clever in many ways. Instead of using the high priced slick paper that other publishers used, he produced his magazines with cheap pulp scraps. This enabled a reach to a much wider audience because almost anyone could afford to pick up a copy of the next great story! He also allowed virtually unknown

Pulp Fiction is Populat Again

Backed by fans such as Laurie Powers and Tom McNulty, the interest in pulp fiction history and collecting pulp fiction memorabilia is growing. Proof can be found in the fact that at the recent Pulp Fest in Columbus, Ohio, over 50 unique vendor booths were offering to sell, buy, or trade pulp fiction books. The

Vintage Pulp Fiction And Modern Fiction Stories

During the 1940s, America was full swing into the depression years and needed not only inexpensive entertainment but heroes to admire and fuel the imagination. Pulp Fiction stories and illustrations fit the bill perfectly! To this day we still admire the early fictional characters such as Tarzan, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes, Flash Gordon and Superman!

Pulp Fiction, The Magic Carpet To Adventure

Do you know what Tahiti looks like? What color is the sand on the Cayman Islands’ beaches? Can you describe the Great Wall of China? Perhaps you can affirmatively answer those questions. But if you can’t, you can set this article down and punch the appropriate terms into your search engine and, within seconds, you

Caution, Dangerous Women Inside! Pulp Fiction Audio Book And E-books Create Suspense

In the 1930s and 40s, some of the best Pulp Fiction authors and master story tellers, such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard and Ray Bradbury, to name a few, created some of the most adventurous, dangerous, mysterious and romantic stories that continue to capture our attention to this day. Pulp fiction earned